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 " Bohdi "
Bohemium of Zaporozhye Winner of Life


About Bohdi:

Bohdi's Clearances and Genetic Information:

Bohdi is such a happy boy with a sweet and endearing personality! Bohdi came to us from Europe when he was 4 months old from a long line of health and Champions.  He is content both laying at your feet and receiving all the attention and chasing the ball or being in the water.  He is an incredible example of the breed standard with the conformation of a champion. He has such a beautiful boxy head yet a perfect gentle expression.  His coat is a beautiful balance of silky softness and feathery waves of cream.  Bohdi has a wonderful temperament and exactly what we expect to see in a golden retriever. Bohdi also has amazing service qualities that we expect he will pass on to his puppies. 

Favorite Activities:

Being loved, playing ball and meeting new friends, human and dog like.

Date of Birth:  11/20/2022

Weight (Approx.):  70lbs


Hips - Good Hip Joint Confirmation
Elbows - Negative for Dysplasia
Heart - Clear/Normal

Eyes - Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - Clear

Golden Retriever-PRA 1 (GPRA1) - Clear

Golden Retriever-PRA 2 (GPRA2) - Clear 

Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever Type) - Clear 

Ichthyosis 2 (Golden Retriever Type) - Clear

Muscular Dystrophy (Golden Type) - Clear

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscionsis (GR) - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd) - Clear

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