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Classic Heritage Puppy Training:

Starting at six weeks and available through four months (prices includes puppy plus foundational learning program)

PUPPY JUMP START: 10 week old puppy                     $5900.00

TOP PUPPY STARS:   12 week old puppy.                     $9900.00

CREME OF THE CROP: 16 week old puppy                    $14,900.00

Older puppy/dog program available on a "when ready" basis.  Price varies by dog.

Creme of the Crop program also includes certification in the Star puppy program, the puppy version of CGC, Canine Good Citizen.

Each week will also be a continuation of previous weeks traits and commands.  Puppies from seven weeks of age will receive professional training several times a day, seven days a week with ongoing training from Classic Heritage on a 24 hour basis. Puppies in our advanced training programs will live in the home of the trainers and receive care and training 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Here is an example of one of our pup's training sessions at 14 weeks of age.

Weeks 7-8

1  Socialization with other dogs

2  Name Recognition – positive association with name. (starts at 7 weeks of age)

3  "No Bite" cue – taking treats gently with a "soft" mouth and not biting.

4  "Sit" cue – shaping behavior and adding verbal cue/hand signals

5  "Down" cue – similar shaping behavior

6  Begin no jumping

7  Introduction to leash.  Introduction to crate training/holding bladder muscle/ being indoors and staying calm as well as seeking shavings at door as cue of “need to go potty” (starts at 8 weeks of age)

Puppies that go through at least six weeks of training will be fully crate trained and potty trained


Weeks 8-9

1  Proper collar handling 

2  Continued leash training – leash movement without chewing

3  Come when called by name

4  "Drop it" cue – relinquishing objects on command

4  "Sit/down" cue – increase time on cue (doorways, food bowls, treats)

5  "Stay" cue – Learning to hold the sit and down position on cue

Weeks 9-10

1  Positive reinforcement of cues (sit, down, wait, stay, loose-leash walking) through exercises and games.

2  "Settle" – Dealing with the "Puppy Crazies" and learning to "chill-out" on cue

3  Wait at doorways – paying attention to handler through passages 

4  Loose-Leash Walking – learning to walk on leash while held

5  "Leave it" – learning to ignore objects on the ground/animals

Weeks 10-11

1  Moving to Heel Position 

2  Recall – Learning to come when called, even when out of sight.

3  Positive reinforcement of cues through games and exercises.

4  Add distractions – Pups begin to listen to commands with distraction

Week 11-12

1  Increasing duration for "focus" and "stay" cues

2  "Heel" – learning to focus and walk in heel position.

3  Manners: Learning to sit politely to be greeted, walking through


4 Problem-Solving: Barking, Digging, Chewing, Begging, Jumping
5 Tricks and Treats: Learning fun tricks (abilities will vary from dog to dog)
6 Safety: Distraction and focus control. 

Weeks 12 and Beyond

1  Increase distance and duration with cues and loose leash walking

2  Distractions increased at local parks/public areas, while still performing learned              commands.

3  Driving in vehicle exposure

4  Training on and off leash, indoors and outdoors

5  Introduction to LEAVE IT (for distractions) and advanced training with STAY and recall

Cues: SIT, DOWN, COME, TOUCH, LET’S GO (begin walking), WAIT, OFF, SETTLE, (go to your) PLACE, STAY, GET IT, BRING IT HERE, GIVE (item to hand), DROP IT (item to ground), LEAVE IT

We also have a trained professional service dog trainer that we work with who can train your dog for service, and or therapy work.  We are happy to work with you to find the perfect puppy and design a program that fits your needs.

Please contact us for more information about our professional training program. 

 Every dog deserves to be a good dog.