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Great Visit with Santi and Olga at Thevenet Kennel in Spain.


We just got back from Santi's Kennel in Spain. He and Olga were very welcoming hosts as they showed us around and let us visit with their beautiful Champion dogs in their lovely home. We had a wonderful opportunity to meet Thevenet Lord of the Rings (Hippito) and 2014 World Winner Thevenet Expansion by Sasha (Sasha), as well as many other incredible golden retrievers. It was an unforgetable experience!!

Thevenet Per Sempre Jove (Puyi), Brother of Thevenet Expansion by Sasha and Thevenet Pep's team will be joining our family of goldens here in California next year after he has completed his championships that qualify him for Crufts. We are very excited about our new addition and so thankful to Santi and Olga for entrusting him to us.

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