Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers
- San Diego -

To better reach our Southern California customers, we will be raising one litter, in the San Diego/Escondido area!  It will be easier for you to come to meet and pick up the puppies in Southern California, rather than having to drive to our primary location.  These are the same top quality females/males we have in Northern California!  The dam and sire of this litter are our own adults in the breeding program, but are being hosted by a very caring, nurturing and experienced dog family.  We work hand in hand to assure the puppies are cared for and socialized in the way our customers have come to recognize as the "best."  Below you can read more about the upcoming puppies and their loving host.  If you would like to be included on the reservation list for the puppies, in our SoCal location, do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to welcome you to the CHGR family! 

About the Litter

We are expecting Lexi and Everest's litter within the first week of February! 
10 week old puppies, from this litter, will be ready to go home around the middle of April!


(Glitter's Creme of the Crop of Classic Heritage)

DOB: 04/09/2019

Lexi is the beautiful daughter of our lovely Zayka and Mr. X.  What a wonderful girl she is!

We love Lexi and her pups, as she passes along her incredibly sweet temperament to all of her fur babies. She is beyond sweet and loves to lay her head on your lap, foot, or wherever she can to get close to everyone she meets. Incredibly smart, she loves to perform her skills, especially for treats!  Lexi loves to play ball and adores people, especially children. Lexi loves to play with other dogs and also loves to sleep with the cat.  

She has a beautiful cream coat between a silky and cotton texture and is one of our larger girls, at a little over 75 pounds.


(Tramin Shasta's Ridge Runner)

DOB: 1/3/2019

You can tell by the smile that Everest is always wearing on his face, how much of a happy ray of sunshine he is!  He is a lover of everyone and everything.  

Everest loves an adventure. Whether the adventure is hiking, swimming, walking, or playing outdoors, he is happy to be along for the journey. Everest has a sweet temper and a fun curiosity about everything (especially a laser pointer!) He is our biggest male with a large blocky head, but a loving expression. He is a very healthy, fun, and energetic boy. 

Everest's last litter, carried outstandingly beautiful pups that had all of the great qualities of dad.  He often passes along his blocky head and fun personality to his pups, who are nothing but gorgeous! 

About the CHGR SoCal Family


We are the Clerie family, George, Nan, Jackson and Eliana.  We love our family, friends, faith and fabulous dogs.  George is a native San Diegan, Nan hails from L.A., and we all call Escondido home.  We live in a 75 year old adobe home which resides on land that used to be one of the original Rancheros in San Diego.  The mature trees and open space for dogs to play creates a tranquil atmosphere that instills a peacefulness in them.  Our family loves quality time together, playing with our dogs, and sharing meals with friends.  We truly enjoy raising these incredible puppies from Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers and having the opportunity to give them an extra dose of time, care and love every day and hour they are with us.   We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with them in this endeavor to provide incredible puppies to our Southern California families.