Adding Your Name to our Reservation List

We are so glad you are taking the next steps in working with us to find your Golden Retriever puppy!

 We of course take this responsibility very seriously because we want to provide you with not only the best possible experience but the best puppy for your family. That’s our commitment to you.


To move forward there are few important steps to officially reserve a puppy.  If you follow these steps, it will ensure I receive your information, your deposit, and all paperwork involved for your puppy reservation in a timely way.  As you can understand, the sooner I receive everything, the sooner I can add your name to hold your permanent position on our wait list.  

Here are the things we need at this point:



Provide me your contact information/survey below (bottom of this page) along with some preferences you may have about timing, gender, or training requests.  This must be done FIRST, before ANY deposit can be placed.  



Please download the deposit policy (.pdf version) read, complete, and send it back (scan and send or use a pdf application to sign it within the application).  

You can also print, sign and send it by mail but email is preferred. 


A $500 time-based REFUNDABLE deposit is necessary to be placed on our reservation list. 

A "time-based" deposit means we will refund your deposit if we CANNOT offer you a puppy within 12 months of your deposit.  It will not be refunded if you drop off our puppy reservation list for any reason before one year.  This is because we commit to you which means other potential interested families may be turned away if we can't offer a puppy to them within 12 months based on our waiting list size.  




We accept payment by Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.  


   *   Venmo is @heather-chapin-3 (look for the puppy picture)

   *   Zelle to (916) 792-1492

   *   PayPal to us at (use the “Trusted”  options otherwise you have to add the fees Paypal charges, so we receive the full amount.)


When we receive the information and deposit, we will be happy to add you to our litter reservation list.


Once we have received all of the above you will be notified that you are on the reservation list and the timing, etc for an upcoming puppy.  We look forward to providing you with an amazing new family member.


Best regards,

Heather Chapin


For further questions please contact us at  


Puppy Application (below)