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A Matter of the Heart (Guard)

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition in dogs that is caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis. The disease is transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes, and it is more prevalent in warmer climates such as California. Heartworms can grow up to 12 inches long and live in the heart and lungs of dogs, causing damage to these organs and potentially leading to heart failure. Heartguard is a medication that is used to prevent heartworm disease in dogs. It contains ivermectin, which kills the larvae of the heartworm parasite before they can mature into adult worms. Giving your dog Heartguard on a regular basis can help to protect them from heartworm disease, which can be both expensive and difficult to treat. In California, where the climate is warm and there are many mosquitoes, it is especially important to use heartworm prevention measures for your dog. This includes giving them Heartguard regularly, as well as taking other steps to prevent mosquito bites, such as using mosquito repellents and keeping your dog indoors during peak mosquito activity. By taking these steps, you can help to protect your dog from the serious and potentially fatal effects of heartworm disease.

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